Tagaytay in the Philippines


Tagaytay – the Philippines

Tagaytay is one of the Philippines most popular places to visit. In addition to it being somewhat new and ultra modern, its high altitude and proximity to Manila (only about 55 kilometers or 34 miles away) are two major reasons for Tagaytay’s popularity. The scenic view of Taal Lake and beautiful surrounding are sure doesn’t hurt as well.

This is not a destination where one would come for the traditional Philippines getaway of beaches and island hopping, but is instead a place where one can enjoy relaxation with modern amenities and a nice view along with that popular cooler climate.

Some Attractions In Tagaytay

Picnic Grove – This is a large park that has picnic tables and huts for people to enjoy their food in. There is zip lining, cable cars, horseback riding and an eco-trail boardwalk in the park. It is perfectly situated with a phenomenal view of Taal Vocano far below.

People’s Park In The Sky – Situated at the very highest point of Tagaytay, with the absolute best views in the city of Taal Lake and Volcano. After having been one of the most popular places to visit in the city, these days it appears to be a bit run down and in need of better upkeep. Still worth going to see for the views and sunsets. Originally, it was called Palace in the Sky and was built by First Lady Marcos to be used as a guest home for US President Ronald Reagan who never came to see it.

One Destination – This area is where the main nightlife of the city can be found. The area has some trendy bars and restaurants.

The Flower Farm – Situated upon a sloping hill, this flower farm in Tagaytay has five hectares of beautiful flowers including roses, carnations, anthuriums and gerberas.

Transportation To Tagaytay

Seeing as it is so close to Manila, one would certainly fly into Manila to get to Tagaytay. From Manila, buses leave every 30 minutes and it’s about a three hour journey mostly thanks to traffic considering it’s quite close in terms of kilometers. The bus stop will be Olivarez Plaza.

If you want to get there faster, you can also take a van or of course a private car.

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