Pagudpud in the Philippines

In the most northern part of the Philippines about 350 miles north of Manila, sits the beautiful resort municipality of Pagudpud. It is a small municipality that’s primary economy is fishing and farming, but thanks to its beautiful and unspoiled rich natural resources, tourism has become a growing part of it.

One of the great things about it is that the area has not yet been completely over run by tourists, but with Pagudpud’s crystal blue water and long stretches of white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees, it is fast getting there and is quickly becoming one of the desired tourism destinations in the Philippines.

On of the most exciting spots in Pagudpud is Saud Beach where there are now luxury hotels and restaurants. This area has been called by some, the Boracay of the north. You an experience a lot of the beauty of Boracay, but not have to put up with as many traffic jams and tourists.

What to do in Pagudpud

Here are some of the top attractions in Pagudpud which can be visited by tourists:

The Windmills in Bangui – These large turbine windmills run across the beach in an orderly row producing electricity. While the production of energy is there primary function, they actually look really cool and tourists take postcard like photos with them. Seeing these large white windmill like machines stretched across the white sand beaches is quite a site.

Beaches – It goes without saying that you can enjoy some of the best beaches in the Philippines when you visit Pagudpud. The area has fine white sand and crystal clear blue water which is perfect for swimming and various water activities. The most popular beaches in the area are Saud Beach and Blue Lagoon.

Kabigan Falls – the waterfalls in this area are refreshing and well worth a visit. It’s a short hike so bring your walking shoes when you go.

Bantay Abot Cave – This spot is outstanding to go see and take photos at. While it is not really a cave, you can walk through the whole in the large rock and take photos. It is a beach location where waves crash on the rocks.

Travel to Pagudpud

Seeing as it is 350 miles north of Manila, flying is the best way to get there. Some people do opt to take a car or bus, but by road, it’s an 11 hour trip. There are short flights to Laoag City from Manila and from there, one can take a bus ride to Pagudpud.


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