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Tagaytay in the Philippines

Tagaytay – the Philippines Tagaytay is one of the Philippines most popular places to visit. In addition to it being somewhat new and ultra modern, its high altitude and proximity to Manila (only about 55 kilometers or 34 miles away) are two major reasons for Tagaytay’s popularity. The scenic view of Taal Lake and beautiful […]

Sagada – the Philippines

Sagada in the Philippines As a travel destination, Sagada is a place that many people tend to visit after already going all the way to Banaue or Baguio, but the area in itself is a worthy travel destination and a place that many Filipinos have on their travel bucket list. It is very different from […]

Donsol Philippines – Home of the Whale Sharks

Donsol in the Philippines Donsol is located at the very southern part of Luzon in the Bicol Region. Easily, the island is most known as the home of the whale shark in the Philippines. Whale sharks have lived in the area for over 100 years and tourists flock there to have interaction with the huge […]

Batangas – The Philippines

Batangas in the Philippines Thanks to its many beaches and its outstanding diving spots, Batangas is one of the Philippines most famous tourist destinations. It is the second biggest port city after Manila and many people also travel to Batangas to take a ferry to one of the nearby islands. Located just seventy miles south […]

Batanes – the Philippines

  Batanes in the Philippines The Batanes Province is made up of the ten islands between the Philippines and Taiwan in the Luzon Strait. Batanes is both the smallest province in the Philippines by population as well as the smallest by actual land area. Half of the land area is hills and mountains giving it […]


Pagudpud in the Philippines In the most northern part of the Philippines about 350 miles north of Manila, sits the beautiful resort municipality of Pagudpud. It is a small municipality that’s primary economy is fishing and farming, but thanks to its beautiful and unspoiled rich natural resources, tourism has become a growing part of it. […]

Metro Manila – Largest City of the Philippines

Manila – the Philippines Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and is second in population only to Quezon City, while Metro Manila is the seat of the government of the Philippines. Metro Manila is made up of sixteen cities that have a combined population of over 20 million making it the most densely […]

Banaue Philippines

Banaue in the Philippines Banaue is a municipality located in the Ifugao province of the Philippines and is a famous tourist destination in the country thanks to its rice terraces. The Banaue Rice Terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nick named “The Eight Wonder of the World” by locals, the terraces were built 2,000 […]

The City Of Baguio In The Philippines

Baguio In The Philippines One of the few cities in the Philippines that can boast a cool climate, the highly urbanized city of Baguio is located in the mountainous region of Cordillera, which is about 250 kilometers north of Manila. The city of Baguio has an elevation of 1,610 meters (5,280 ft) above sea level […]